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We manufacture Solid Phase Extraction(SPE) Vacuum Manifolds and accessories to automate the preparation and cleanup of laboratory liquid samples using solid phase extraction tubes. Lubitech manifolds meet exacting quality specifications for materials and performance. When installed with a vacuum pump and trap kit, a Lubitech manifold can extract up to 12 or up to 24 samples simultaneously, significantly increasing sample throughput while decreasing sample preparation hands-on time, relative to liquid-liquid extraction methods.

Lubitech vacuum manifolds feature a vacuum bleed valve and a stand-alone cover to provide you with excellent control and safe, easy use.With our patented flow control valves you can precisely manipulate flow control through each tube by rotating the individual screw-valves built into the cover. Optional disposable liner (DL) valves virtually eliminate contamination from one sample to the next in the same manifold port.The glass basin will not dissolve, fog, or discolor when exposed to powerful solvents, and an optional polypropylene splash guard inserts into the basin to eliminate splashing. If you do not want sample-to-metal contact, simply replace the stainless steel solvent guide needles with our optional Teflon needles.

When installed between a Lubitech vacuum manifold and the vacuum source, the trap collects all liquids that are aspirated through the SPE tubes. This prevents liquids exit-ing the manifold from contami-nating the vacuum pump. The easily assembled kit contains a polypropylene filtering flask, a one-hole rubber stopper, 4 (10cm) of polypropylene tubing and 5(1.5m) of red rubber vacuum hose.


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