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Filtration in HPLC

Introduction of Syringe filter

Principles of Filtration

What is Membrane Filtration


Sample and mobile phase filtration are simple, economical practices that serve to extend the life of consumable HPLC parts, decrease system wear and tear, and preserve the integrity of the HPLC system. The adverse effects of improper filtration practices that occur to each component of the HPLC system are systematically and thoroughly explored in this section. By reviewing these consequences, the analyst can become familiar with the early warning signs of filtration-related problems and avoid the expense and downtime related to lengthy maintenance repairs and replacement costs.

Serious problems in HPLC can be avoided by being alert to preliminary warning signs and performing routine maintenance. Most HPLC part replacement tasks, such as changing pump seals, are readily recognized as necessary maintenance; however, mobile phase and sample filtration are also maintenance practices. Routine sample and mobile phase filtration are simple, inexpensive and convenient ways to decrease HPLC problems. Regardless of the technical intricacies and cost of the system chosen, all HPLC systems have the same basic components.

A basic HPLC system consists of a solvent reservoir, pump, injector, column, detector, and data recording system. Particles and microbial growth not removed by filtration interfere with nearly every system component. This paper serves as a troubleshooting guide to problems associated with inefficient filtration. It is ordered in sections corresponding to the specific HPLC component affected.

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